A Motivating Message

To discover a career that I can become skillful at, one that brings a certain meaning to my life along with an unstoppable drive to improve myself. A passion that will bring awareness to the community and creates enthusiasm to those around me. A passion that can captivate me for days, bringing out my inner perfectionist, while simultaneously allowing me to enjoy life.

To discover a motivating force greater than that of getting paid,
to discover passion.
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A Little About Me

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Web Development

During my fourth grade school year I asked my father how the internet functions. My father explained it to me in a short, simple manner, like any father would to an inquisitive 10 year old. I was not excepting of this simple explanation and pushed the matter deeper, like any (annoying) inquisitive fourth grader. My father took this interest as a sign. For Christmas that year I received a text book and a set of five CD's on web development. Long story short, I have been developing for the world wide web ever since (My first site in fourth grade was about Pokemon!).

Forever A Student

I am currently in the middle of my fourth year of studies at Washington State University (WSU), located in Pullman Washingtion. Upon leaving WSU I will have a Bachelor's of Science with a degree from the Department of Mathematics specializing in computational math. I enjoy math as much as I enjoy programming and often times find myself combining the two. With that being said, I know math is a subject that most dread and often find boring but incase you wish to know little more about one of my many passions you can read about it here and here.

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The Debut of the Highly Anticipated Kepler Framework

Okay maybe not highly anticipated but yesterday I publicly released my personal javascript library, Kepler. [..]

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